Autumn 2023, London and Berlin make a new manifesto, a CREDO for the orchestra.

Here is a short trailer from Febuary 2023 that captures whole spirit.

Here a short documentary ‘The Southampton Story’,a March 2023 collaborative project with interviews, glimpses of co-creation process - and some very fine music in the final concerts!

The Third Orchestra - an introduction

The orchestra launched in 2019 with a week’s residency in The Pit at the Barbican Centre, London, leading to three sold-out performances. 

The vision is of an orchestra originating in multi-cultural London, and Berlin, reaching out to the world, an orchestra without boundaries. 

Musicians from North, South, East and West are welcome and it is inclusive, with a gender balance, and it is 50% BAME and aged from 17-70. 

The orchestra is not about ‘fusion’. Rather welcoming each musician’s individual story, the lineage and experiences they bring from traditions or from their explorations of newness. Looking for a music that allows them to retain and celebrate whatever identities they choose to bring. The orchestra is made of distinguished creator/perfomers all working on the co-creation of the music.

We learn from one another, and from the communities and musicians we meet, which are always expanding.

Extraordinary last night. I loved the sense of attention in the room, as well as among the players. Incredible and inspiring.” - Tom Guthrie - Opera Director