Amazing collaboration to open Classical:NEXT on 13th May with Stegreif Orchestra, Zafraan Ensemble and four members of Komische Oper!

Our ISPA presentation, ‘A soft wind stirs’ January 2024.

With a gently pulsing groove based on Mauritian trance rhythms, and the 'magic tones’ of the Tagore poem sung by mesmeric Mauritian singer Rouhangeze, this is a journey across the Indian ocean, out from a ‘backbone’ score, through layers of improvisation, to the unknown, beyond the horizon.

Showing the world can connect, renew, and co-create a better future.

The Third Orchestra - an introduction

The orchestra launched in 2019 with a week’s residency in The Pit at the Barbican Centre, London, leading to three sold-out performances. 

The vision is of an orchestra originating in multi-cultural London, and Berlin, reaching out to the world, an orchestra without boundaries. 

Musicians from North, South, East and West are welcome and it is inclusive, with a gender balance, and it is 50% BAME and aged from 17-70. 

The orchestra is not about ‘fusion’. Rather welcoming each musician’s individual story, the lineage and experiences they bring from traditions or from their explorations of newness. Looking for a music that allows them to retain and celebrate whatever identities they choose to bring. The orchestra is made of distinguished creator/perfomers all working on the co-creation of the music.

We learn from one another, and from the communities and musicians we meet, which are always expanding.Here is a short trailer.

NEWS Autumn 2023!

The intercultural Ensemble Extrakte, Berlin, merged into The Third Orchestra.They formed in 2012, directed by Elke Moltrecht. Now Elke is Creative Producer of The Third Orchestra, and we share offices, strategy, and their wonderful musicians who come from across the world.

A CREDO:our new shared Credo