The Third Orchestra’s recent'The Ripple Effect'project at Southampton’s concert hall Turner Sims included work with three special local artists Anna Durance,cor anglais, Matt Brombley,electronics and Issa Loyaan Farrah-Kelly,spoken word. Great new people joined the orchestra,Iain Ballamy, sax,Dennis Rollins,trombone and Emilia Mårtensson,voice.

Looking at the video, Iain's warm response, following the gig, can be seen at the end.

Roland Denning and Steve Folorunsho did a great job filming, given they were chasing our improvisation around. Look out for the beautiful soaring end, where we are transported from Mayflower Park in Southampton to join Hyelim Kim in the New World.

Uplifting and unforgettable, a tremendous and reaffirming collaboration, the essence of what we aspire to as musical souls.” - Iain Ballamy, sax