The Third Orchestra at the Barbican

In the week of 11th-17th February, Club Inegales creates a new multi-genre orchestra for London, hosted by the Barbican Centre as a residency at their studio theatre space, The Pit, and curated by Inegales musical director and composer Peter Wiegold with John Cumming of Serious and the EFG London Jazz Festival.

With Peter as the catalyst, the orchestra will emerge through a week of intensive workshops where members will write, improvise and devise together, filling the intimate underground setting of The Pit with music that transcends genre, creating its own landscape of sonic exploration and pulling together the talents of individual voices.

With a 50/50 male/female balance, 50% BAME, aged from 18-65, and with an extraordinary mix of lineages, the orchestra offers a new identity for a London orchestra, diverse, and celebrating difference as much as ‘fusion’.

The performances are at 3pm and 7:30 on Saturday 16th February with an opportunity to meet the performers at 6:15pm.

On Sunday 17th there is an open invitation for young people (over 18) to play alongside members of the Orchestra to explore the potential for a ‘Third Youth Orchestra’, and join a discussion about musical identity as they confront a diverse and global musical world. Please be in touch if you know anyone who might enjoy joining this.

From Peter – “why ‘The Third Orchestra’? For me this says that it is beyond the binary: not classical meets jazz nor East meets West but a new place to which each individual can bring their unique voice and background, just as at Club Inégales”.

From John – “his opportunity to explore the dynamic between structure and freedom, composition and improvisation, groove and texture, and to place the creative process at the heart of an ensemble that transcends cultural background, gender and generation, reflects the changing face of music within today’s global culture”.