The Players

The full line-up of the 20 music creators involved in the project in February was as follows

Alice Zawadzki (voice/violin); Ursula Rucker (performance poet); Max Baillie and Preetha Narayan(violins); Colin Alexander (cello); Hyelim Kim (Korean taegŭm flute); Rihab Asar (oud); Cheng Yu (pipa and guqin); Wang Xiao (erhu); Shima Kobayashi (harmonica); Alina Bzhezhinska (harp); Clarence Adoo (‘Headspace’); Jaak Sooaar (guitar); Byron Wallen and Ifeoluwa Ogunjobi (trumpets); Diane Mcloughlin (saxophones); Hanna Mbuya (bass trombone/tuba); Matthew Bourne and Martin Butler (piano/Moog); Shri Sriram (bass/flute); Simon Limbrick and Antonio Romero (percussion).

Two artists originally scheduled to take part, Clarence Adoo and Martin Butler, had to drop out at the eleventh hour due to unforeseen circumstances – we hope to welcome them back for future projects.

The Orchestra includes a fascinating mix of artists – all musically open-minded representatives of their traditions, and inspiring mentors for younger artists. The project will positively address gender, culture and age, with a 50:50 male-female balance. We want to show that diversity is a genuine source of newness now. That refreshing sound, practice and thematic content through intercultural and intergenerational exchange can lead to radical and innovative new work as well as affirming cultural and social value.

Emerging through a week of intensive workshops where members will write, improvise and devise together, the goal is to fill the intimate underground setting of The Pit with music that transcends genre, creating its own landscape of sonic exploration and pulling together the talents of a remarkable group of individual voices – a project designed to reveal how intercultural music-making can be extraordinary on an orchestral level, finding its own distinctive rigour parallel to conventional large-scale ensembles, and how this process can speak to a large audience.