An amazing new venue at Little Venice, London  

'Between two waves of the sea'

Inspired by the the writings of   Ursula Rucker:

to God’s ear all sounds 
of love ring like Tibetan 
bells in harmony

and T.S Eliot:

Not known, because not looked for   But heard, half-heard, in the stillness 
Between two waves of the sea


Absolutely gripping, magical and inspiring performance last night at Grand Junction of The Third Orchestra with Peter Wiegold and an impressive line-up of musicians crossing so many cultures. Taking the spirit of collaboration and co-creation to a whole other level.” - Manus Carey, Deputy Principal (Performance and Programmes) Royal Northern College of Music
Huge shout out to Peter Wiegold and his brilliant the #ThirdOrchestra for their stunning performance last night. Respecting many different world traditions, fantastic musicianship, co-creation of the highest order... and what a magnificent church is St Mary Magdalene Paddington - surely one of the finest ceilings in London.” - Duncan Fraser, composer

the incredible line-up featured:

It’s a remarkable ensemble you’ve brought together, and a way of making music that is infectious - you can hear and see the sparkle and energy that comes from musicians listening and playing collectively, making space for each other, and weaving in and out between blending in and standing out. Fantastic work” - Ed McKeon 3rd Ear